I believe that weight figure is some kind of 'dry weight' that Ferrari likes to use. If looking at equivalent DIN or similar weight figures I found a Ferrari claimed dry weight of 1880kg. I have no doubt that on the road, with all the equipment and fluids like more than a few drops in the tank that FF is easily over… » 10/21/14 9:34am Today 9:34am

Does it have the most idiotic thing in all of the automotive world, the 'one stalk' system for the wipers etc., also in the US model? Can you please slap a Merc representative in the face and ask why the hell they feel the need to shoot themselves in the foot (and sales figures) with such stupidity? » 10/18/14 2:46pm Saturday 2:46pm

It is possible that they'll make it good looking, because now VW has actually deviated a few times from just taking an old 'classic' design of the brand and 'New Beetle:ing' it. Like they did with the Veryon (EB110 New Beetle:d), Flying Spur (Arnage New Beetle:d)... » 10/17/14 10:27am Friday 10:27am

I haven't had my own bike for a long time now, but wouldn't a bike with ABS be a good idea in any case for a beginner or even one with more experience? And aren't newer bikes (meaning slightly used recent model bikes) always better than much older ones in characteristics, reliability and need for maintenance? » 10/16/14 5:06pm Thursday 5:06pm