Most cars are designed the way they are for packaging and utility (of today's 'utility' requirements like safety, low manufacturing costs, platform sharing etc.). Most of them that is, the exception being Sports Utility Vehicles which are the way they are just to be a certain looking shape (or to avoid being another… » 7/02/14 5:47pm 7/02/14 5:47pm

Ok, so one of the very many luxo-barges with a big engine. Whoop-di-doo. Forgot to mention that despite the 'cool tricks' for kids like fake exhaust pops an bangs it's the most boring of them all too. Most boring design, and with the most immature design gimmicks. Worst ergonomics. » 7/01/14 1:33pm 7/01/14 1:33pm

I do agree somewhat (out of observation, not experience) that 4 doors might be vital for a car to everyday-baby. BUT (in addition to weekend-babying cars like Porsches, Lotuses etc.) I think a 2-door might baby just as well: as a rock-climber I have to say that with the right body positioning and moves it may be as… » 7/01/14 8:32am 7/01/14 8:32am

...especially sine EVERYONE DRIVING AT GOODWOOD knows very well that that exact corner catches people out all the time. They are told time and time again to not overcook that corner: "Remember that the braking point is 'blind', etc. etc." but then some idiots inevitably completely derp (usually I don't use that word… » 6/30/14 7:04pm 6/30/14 7:04pm