...but they also MUST make sure that they don't become supplier-dependent. If they end up relying on only Airbus, with Boeing out of the passenger jet game, they'll be transferring those profits straight to Airbus because Airbus will raise their prices up to monopoly levels. » 9/27/14 2:02am Saturday 2:02am

I'm not saying you're wrong about the maintenance thing. But I'm still curious as to what 'not maintaining a car properly' means nowadays with modern cars. For years my cars have told me when to take it in for service. That's all. Car says: time for service. I take it in for service. My car says oil level low: I add… » 9/25/14 5:13pm Thursday 5:13pm

Some, nay, lots of people feel good about being submissive in front of a group of people they admire. My thinking is that it stems from many being away from their parents for the first time or just being so young that they still have a need for authority figures and a 'family' to belong to. » 9/24/14 6:21pm 9/24/14 6:21pm

I literally just watched a British cop show (no, I don't usually watch those) in which a guy was stopped by the police for driving 'suspiciously' and he then let the police first search his car, and after they found an empty bag with a little bit of cannabis crumbs in his jacket pocket they 'knew he was hiding… » 9/24/14 4:56pm 9/24/14 4:56pm

You can't use Clarkson in this context. He specifically went on one of his 'this car is garbage/I need attention' -rants and complained that if you switch the right hand display to navigation or something in the 458 then you don't have a speedo anywhere - even though the audience can clearly see the permanent speedo… » 9/24/14 10:40am 9/24/14 10:40am

I'd like to correct the info that VW gives about its drive system: Haldex AWD system does not "send nearly 100% torque to the rear" as their marketing likes to lie. It only sends maximum 50% to the rear, and then they spin it to sound better by using the logic that if the front wheels slip then no power is being… » 9/24/14 10:17am 9/24/14 10:17am