Your photo of the crown gear differential is in the wrong place. That is for longitudinal engined, newest Quattro cars like RS5. That system replaces Torsen, and BTW is purely mechanical and not at all electronically controlled. Haldex, which you are talking about in that section, is a different system completely, and… » 10/25/14 10:13am Today 10:13am

RagnarRox is wrong. I am not a gun expert, but the first gun I ever shot (after air rifles) was a Smith&Wesson .22 with a suppressor, using subsonic rounds. Silent. All you hear is what sounds like the hammer hitting, and then you hear the casing hit the ground. So just a little 'clink' noise from the light pistol's… » 10/22/14 9:16pm Wednesday 9:16pm

I believe that weight figure is some kind of 'dry weight' that Ferrari likes to use. If looking at equivalent DIN or similar weight figures I found a Ferrari claimed dry weight of 1880kg. I have no doubt that on the road, with all the equipment and fluids like more than a few drops in the tank that FF is easily over… » 10/21/14 9:34am Tuesday 9:34am