That's just about the last car I'd ever want to have. I don't understand why people troll about such boring, understeery, underperforming (the overloaded front tires are toast in no time), unimaginative, dull looking, frumpy cars from the most anti-car-guy company in the world. » 10/28/14 12:32pm Tuesday 12:32pm

Just spend a couple dozen hours learning it on Gran Turismo (even a PS2 version is good enough) and you've got the gist of it. Then when you go drive it in real life you'll know where you are and what's coming up and you can focus on learning the details like bumps, cambers etc. And worrying about damaging your car. » 10/28/14 6:56am Tuesday 6:56am

Your photo of the crown gear differential is in the wrong place. That is for longitudinal engined, newest Quattro cars like RS5. That system replaces Torsen, and BTW is purely mechanical and not at all electronically controlled. Haldex, which you are talking about in that section, is a different system completely, and… » 10/25/14 10:13am 10/25/14 10:13am